woman“Kendall is so very attuned while giving massages. She tailors each experience to what I’m needing at the time, even when I can’t accurately vocalize what’s going on with my body.  It’s easy to feel comfortable and open in her presence, and it’s apparent she cares deeply about the work she does.  She’s truly gifted! “

“She has a wonderful energy about her. It’s hard to put words to, but undeniably felt in her presence.”

“Kendall is wonderful at individualizing the needs I have. She has a great blend of skill and natural ability to find the places in my body that need attention and release. I feel very cared for by her.”

“Her space is so welcoming and she always makes me feel right at home.  I am able to quickly drop in to a deeper sense of being when on the table. She’s very attentive to my body’s needs and I always leave my massage session feeling blissful!”

“Kendall brings a calm and relaxed energy into her work.  She seems to have an intuition and knowing of where your body needs more attention.”

“Part of her unique healing gift is asking you what you feel you need, what pressure is just right for you, and she listens to what you say.  I think what I like best about her body work is that you can tell that she really loves what she is doing.”