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We are here to serve you, to act as a source of support while you navigate a life of independence and recovery. Whether you are relocating to Asheville, recently leaving a treatment facility, or simply in need of companionship, we are honored to work with you. Our approach to health is trauma informed, emphasizes a holistic care model and allows for an individualized collaboration to support your goals.

reference Wellness Companions

Each companion is highly qualified and trained to be a source of in home support and guidance for individuals assimilating into a life of recovery. Focusing on health, life skills, and mindfulness, our wellness coaches offer critical emotional support while being fully present to help you accomplish the tasks of daily life.
*We highly encourage you to work with a therapist regularly, to ensure a level of support is in place for you to increase resiliency. We are happy to make referrals to local therapists. Though professional and skilled, your Companion Wellness Coach is not a licensed therapist.