Individual Coaching Sessions


“How did the rose ever open its heart and give to this world all of its beauty? It felt the encouragement of light against its being.  Otherwise we all remain too frightened.” -Hafiz

caveDrawing on over twenty years of studying Taoism, yogic philosophy and Buddhism,  I  offer a grounded and genuine connection while holding space for safe and honest exploration. Examining one’s relationship to a higher power and spirituality remains a core focus.  It is a challenging time to navigate this world within ourselves, stay aligned with our values and heal from the past.

We will build a relationship of safety and honesty, inviting in a greater sense of personal confidence, trust and vulnerability. Sessions are tailored to meet each unique individuals needs. Our work together includes defining personal values and what it feels like, rather than what it looks like, to experience a fulfilling life. Outlining specific goals and specific measurements of movement towards those goals, I act as a witness, a companion and one who maintains firm yet gentle accountability within the professional relationship.

Each session unfolds within the framework of general body awareness and focus on the breath, felt sense exploration and reflection. Capable of supporting the depth of one’s inner world with precision and delicacy, my coaching services are not clinical in nature. I continuously access if a higher level of support is needed and will refer to specific licensed mental health therapists if appropriate.